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It really HAS been this long..
I'm so sorry I've not been updating..
I'm back..yay..?
Mostly only because I want to request McFly imageness...
But yeah, here I am.
So, yeah.
God, I have a headache.
And my best friend Chara left...
And...I dunno, I just really don't feel well...
I think I'm going to get sick, so I'm going to stop listening to the music, and just have a rest...
Bye everyone.

Current Location: My Home
Current Mood: sick sick
Current Music: "Always" by Blink-182

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For everyone whos a McFly fan here, or a Tom Fletcher fan, heres a tribute video for his birthday! I love you Tom! Well, Danny more, but Shhh....don't spoil it...I still love Tom too....:)

Current Mood: ecstatic Happy Birthday Tom!

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Okay, lately I've been obsessed with a band called McFly....they are just amazing. And most of them are hot...:) Why is why I love the guitarist and singer, Danny Jones. :):):):):):)

Current Mood: pleased pleased

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I'm so happy today!!! I got out of school yesterday and that rocks for me, considering I hated school this year! Yet, for some reason...I want to go back....probably just to see all my friends that I can't contact at home....Oh, well....better not ruin my happy moment!
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Okay, I know it sounds typical for me, but, once again, I'm bored...:) But, I'm not in a bad mood, considering a friend came to our 'fathers day party' so I could mingle with someone rather than be caught up in the disgusting PDA lovefest....Blech....That may sound immature, but I mean, I don't like PDA, it makes me sick. Why do you need to show your affection in public..you don't need to announce it to the world......It was supposed to be a cook-out, but I preferred a cook-in, so I stayed inside and went on my computer. After staying on the internet for an hour, reading only one story that had recently been updated and sent to my email.....I was constantly checking my mail systems.....which didn't take long considering I only have three of them and there was absolutely none on there, considering it's Fathers Day.....So, I played the Sims 2 for about 3 hours, and then I did all the stuff I could basically do, and I killed all my people off already....XD....and then I ate fruit! And then, it was finally like 5:00, and people finally came on, so I was happy then....But now, it's 10:00, and all of my friends wanna go to Ivy-league schools when they get older, so they go to bed early, and I honestly don't care....so, now I am probably going to go to bed and watch TV.....considering there is nothing else to do....I'll try to update on here more.....well....bye!

Current Mood: bored bored out of my mind
Current Music: "Silence is a scary sound." by McFly

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Okay, so I know that these have been out for a while, so I'm not gonna act like they're new. So, I just kinda rushed a little with this. Multitasking, as usual! This is a one-shot, and most people like it, so I figured, why not post it here? I'm not sure how I did on this, considering I didn't read it over all the way, just a skim for mistakes. Just please review on it.....if you can find it in your heart to...:)

Where do we go from here?
Author: Mwa. Me. Meh.
Fandom: Life With Derek
Ship: Dasey
Rating: T-ish. Maybe K. Not sure....
As I lay on my bed, him by my side, I thought of how we first got together, Dasey!
Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3506288/1/

And.....I have another one....I'm sorry if I'm horrible at these, but.....I'm trying. I've gotten better, rather than the stories I used to write. It was not pretty. But, the plus side, they are all DASEY! Yay! I may not be able to top the amazing ones on fanfiction.net.....Ah, well. I judge myself too harshly, depends what you think. Although, I hate flames......Enough of my rambles!

Title: Whatsername
Author: Again....Mwa. Me. Meh.
Fandom: Life With Derek
Ship: Dasey
Rating: T
Casey and Derek have moved away from their parents, and Derek begins to think about how he really felt about her all along. Songfic! Dasey!
Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3505149/1/

Current Mood: frustrated blocked of ideas
Current Music: "I wanna hold you" by McFly

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Hello again. I'm so bored today. Luckily, school is almost over for me, so I'll be happier then! :) I'm always bored though. I am working on a trailer for someones fanfic right now, so that will annoy me, because it freezes every two minutes!

Current Mood: bored bored

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I've had many annoyances today. I had to visit my grandmother, which is never good. I have younger siblings, and I tend to say things in front of them that she doesn't like. For example, I was discussing how step-sibling relationships wasn't incest, because I am a huge fan of Dasey. I was saying this to my mother. And my little 8-year old brother happened to be in the room and so was my Grandmother. She flipped out on me and I was so annoyed. As usual. She drives me insane! I was so happy to get home that day. So I could vent my feelings...

Current Mood: annoyed annoyed

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I made this a few months ago, and It's my first so it's not all that great. For some reason, a Green Day song stuck in my head...I'll be making more and posting it here. My WMM is being an idiot as usual and freezes every two minutes, so it will take a while.

Current Mood: lazy lazy

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I desperately need clips from Life With Derek! If someone could help me...? Please? And, if not, I need friends so I can get onto LWD Media. Thank you. And I'll post some of my videos so that I can get comments on it, more than on YouTube......

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Current Mood: distressed distressed

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