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Fanfiction Stories - Vick
Fanfiction Stories
Okay, so I know that these have been out for a while, so I'm not gonna act like they're new. So, I just kinda rushed a little with this. Multitasking, as usual! This is a one-shot, and most people like it, so I figured, why not post it here? I'm not sure how I did on this, considering I didn't read it over all the way, just a skim for mistakes. Just please review on it.....if you can find it in your heart to...:)

Where do we go from here?
Author: Mwa. Me. Meh.
Fandom: Life With Derek
Ship: Dasey
Rating: T-ish. Maybe K. Not sure....
As I lay on my bed, him by my side, I thought of how we first got together, Dasey!
Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3506288/1/

And.....I have another one....I'm sorry if I'm horrible at these, but.....I'm trying. I've gotten better, rather than the stories I used to write. It was not pretty. But, the plus side, they are all DASEY! Yay! I may not be able to top the amazing ones on fanfiction.net.....Ah, well. I judge myself too harshly, depends what you think. Although, I hate flames......Enough of my rambles!

Title: Whatsername
Author: Again....Mwa. Me. Meh.
Fandom: Life With Derek
Ship: Dasey
Rating: T
Casey and Derek have moved away from their parents, and Derek begins to think about how he really felt about her all along. Songfic! Dasey!
Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3505149/1/

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